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  1. minayuri 50wk 4d ago

    Clannad is a truly beautiful anime series <3

  2. fitarol15 Sep 01, 2014

    My All-Time Fav Anime

  3. MadMover Dec 15, 2013

    EVA fans check here:

  4. fishshell Jun 20, 2013

    Clannad After Story is still a masterpiece in my heart......xD

  5. MadMover Dec 25, 2012

  6. nowell027 May 24, 2012

    Hi guys i`m new here. Who else love clannad`s soundtracks that Jun Maeda made. Ex: Place where wishes come true ^^

    merged: 05-25-2012 ~ 12:06pm
    uhmm.. is this a dead group?

  7. dnandre Jan 04, 2012

    konnichiwa :D
    ... anybody home? :-?

  8. keimae22 Nov 04, 2011

    hi! new here..hope to be a member soon^^

  9. XHaseoDarkX Oct 02, 2011

    clannad is a really good series :)

  10. Tavia-chan Apr 16, 2011

    Hello, everyone! I just joined.

    I've watched other titles from Key

  11. shoemaster Apr 10, 2011

    Hi everyone I am new member here. Just joined for the anime, Clannad. I loved it and I hope I can discuss stuff about the anime and get to know everyone if that is okay. ^^

  12. springheeljack Apr 07, 2011

    Tomoyo's Arc is the best
    I need to start watching the anime I mean I own it all

  13. XiThau Apr 05, 2011

    Shoot, Clannad is my all-time favorite.
    Only Anime to make me cry as much as I did.

    Not once, but cry again after rewatching. I even cried to the Manga based off Tomoyo's Arc.
    Other than Clannad, it'd have to be each one of the Animes' Key

  14. DarkGSSJBeast Apr 03, 2011

    Anyone here?
    Clannad = The Best :)

  15. theodorus Apr 01, 2011

    My favourite series; Clannad is enshrined in my heart.

    WOOHOO! for amazing fan group D:

  16. mbeckley Mar 31, 2011

    I love Clannad~

  17. CND2007 Mar 24, 2011

    Its nice. The scans are all beautiful...
    Though I read the novel, I still have to watch the anime. Havent finish 2nd season yet >_<

  18. david16 Mar 18, 2011

    A club dedicated to Clannad! Is this heaven?

  19. saloo7 Mar 05, 2011

    I think it's the best anime ever , and i don't think i'll watch another anime right now

    merged: 03-05-2011 ~ 05:08pm
    I think it's the best anime ever , and i don't think i'll watch another anime right now

  20. Elsee1102 Dec 26, 2010


  21. hitsu-chan Dec 04, 2010

    nice to meet! definitely a FAN! I so cried when I saw After Story... T~T but anyway the anime is good

  22. springheeljack Nov 23, 2010

    I really like Clannad Tomoyo is my favorite character

  23. aimaikonata24 Oct 26, 2010

    i love clannad! especially fuko daydreaming with her starfish!?

  24. kuchukuTulip Sep 13, 2010

    i love clannad, i ve watched the anime twice and maybe i ill watch it more. the more i watch the more i love this anime.

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